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Both our smoke alarm and heat alarm are made by Garvan Enterprises, based in Hong Kong. Established 31 years ago, Garvan Enterprises have been producing fire protection products since 1987

With 17 worldwide approvals including (but not limited to) Intertek, BSI and TUV, they currently supply fire products to 50 different countries.


Each of our heat alarm and smoke alarm models require a 10-year life Energiser 3v Lithium Battery, which is supplied.

Each of our fire products has an easy 2-screw base installation with detector clip on to activate. There is also a dust cover cap, to protect if area if you ever decorate.

As long as you frequently test the smoke and heat detector, they shouldn’t need any further maintenance. Each product comes with a 10-year warranty and is fitted with a long-lasting lithium battery which will work for up to 10 years.

The Sentinel smoke alarm uses an OPTICAL sensor which is better at detecting larger particles of smoke which are produced by slow smouldering fires. These fires can be more dangerous as they produce more smoke and most injuries and deaths are from smoke inhalation.

We’ve developed our smoke alarm to be less sensitive to everyday occurrences such as burning toast, and so can be situated near the kitchen without being a nuisance.

We think so. For your peace of mind, every product is 100% tested during production for:

  • Electronics quality
  • Smoke and heat detection to test required activation time and heat and smoke levels
  • Wireless interlinking range (30 metres)
  • Sound rating (85dBa)
  • BSI certification to BSEN14604: 2005 (smoke) and BSEN 5446 2: 2003 (heat).

We also ensure that all of our fire protection products have quality packaging so you can be assured that the smoke and heat detector will never be damaged from dropping out of the bottom of the box.

No. All of our fire products are sealed in an anti-tamper encasing.

Up to 20 detectors can be interlinked within a 100-metre range.

Smoke detectors are normally fitted to ceilings, as close to the centre of the room as possible and a minimum of 30 centimetres away from walls or light fittings.

It’s important that your smoke and heat detector is fitted in a place where it is audible throughout your home – particularly when you are asleep. If you live in a flat or bungalow, you should install the alarm in the hallway between the living and sleeping areas.

Yes. Both our smoke and heat alarms are Grade F compliant. Our UK-made smoke tunnel is the same as those used by BSI and CNPP test labs to ensure they are also completely compliant.