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How to prevent kitchen fires

- Published 13th June 2019

Almost two thirds of residential fires break out in the kitchen. Whether it’s leaving your cooking unattended or storing your […]

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Recommended smoke detector locations for a house or flat

- Published 7th January 2019

The locations for smoke alarms will largely depend on the type of property you live – if your home is over several floors, […]

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Heat Detector vs Smoke Detector: What to use?

- Published 7th September 2018

If you haven’t replaced your fire alarm system during the last 10 years, it might be time to do so. […]

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What is a Heat Detector?

- Published 17th August 2018

Put simply, a heat detector – or heat alarm – is a device that’s used to detect any substantial increase […]

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Most common mistakes when installing a fire alarm

- Published 2nd August 2018

Smoke and heat alarms can save lives. However, all too often fatalities occur due to human error. From failing to […]

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Your home fire safety checklist

- Published 5th October 2017

Fire safety is not something to take lightly. Whether you’re a resident or a visiting family member, it’s important to […]

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