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Heat Alarm – Fully compliant with new Scottish Regulations


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The latest innovation in fire detection technology, the Sentinel Heat Alarm detects adverse levels of heat in your home – an early warning sign of a fire. This heat alarm can be used in the rooms where a smoke alarm is not – including the kitchen, garage or attic. These rooms are subject to an excess of fumes and smoke and so are particularly susceptible to needlessly setting off the traditional smoke alarm. With a heat detector, there’s now another way to keep these rooms protected. The Sentinel Wireless Heat Alarm can be easily installed in your garage or kitchen – the rooms most at risk of fires breaking out. Its heat detection system works in harmony with the Sentinel Wireless Smoke Alarm, allowing you to incorporate both in your fire protection circuit.

  • Wireless and simple to set up
  • Lithium Battery with 10-year life
  • 10-year warranty
  • Inter-linkable by Radio Frequency 433MHz
  • Link up to 20 smoke and heat alarms in one building or block
  • Grade F compliant
  • BS EN 5446-2:2003
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9 reviews for Heat Alarm – Fully compliant with new Scottish Regulations

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Why buy Sentinel’s Wireless Heat Alarms?

Sentinel Fire Products offer the ultimate in wireless fire protection and detection systems. Using dip switches on the heat detector, you can link up to 20 units up to a 100m range.

Sentinel’s wireless heat alarm detection system takes less than 10 minutes to install. It is powered by a 10-year Energiser lithium battery meaning minimal time is needed for fitting and activating.

This wireless heat alarm circuit does not need to be drilled and wired in. The fire detection system has a low battery warning, hush option and test button, so you can ensure your family is safe with ease.

Sentinel’s wireless heat alarm solution offers all-round value for money and comes with a 10-year product warranty (from date of manufacture) as well as a ‘replace by’ sticker.

The difference between a heat alarm and a smoke alarm?

As its name suggests, a heat alarm will trigger once it detects that there’s a perceptible increase in heat in its vicinity.  A heat detector is usually used in rooms where there is excessive dust or fumes – for instance, a garage or cellar – which a smoke alarm can mistake for dust, soot or combustible elements in the atmosphere. It’s also used in rooms where highly-flammable chemicals are stored. 

Where to install a heat detector system?

The best heat detector locations are:

  • As close to the centre of a room as possible
  • At least 4 inches from a wall or corner
  • Ideal for garages, boiler rooms, lofts or areas that have high levels of fumes, smoke or dust

For the best protection, use in conjunction with smoke alarms.

How to install the Sentinel wireless heat alarm

Sentinel’s wireless interlinked alarm system can be used for single story and multi-story buildings.
It takes less than 10 minutes to install.

Step 1 – Measure up where you want your alarm to go and mark on the ceiling
Step 2 – Drill the holes Step 3 – Insert wall plugs
Step 4 – Secure the mounting base with screws
Step 5 – Set the dip switch to the same position on all units
Step 6 – Turn detector clockwise until the snap lock engages
Step 7 – Test heat alarm

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Recommended: For use in the Kitchens, Attics and Garages.
Not recommended: For use in Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Hallways and Landings.

Product Features

• Radio linked using 433MHz – linkable with up to 20 units
• Fixed temperature heat detector
• Link wirelessly using simple dip switch combinations (16 different options available), allow a minute to link, then press test button to link the detectors in the group and allow up to 30 seconds for the test to be successful
• Completely wireless installation, takes just minutes to fit
• Sealed in (non- removable) 10 year Life 3v Lithium Battery
• 10 year product warranty (from date of manufacture)
• Easy fit base, with simple click fit detector mounting
• Hush feature
• Test button for both alarm and power test
• Alarm source indicator • Low battery signal
• Loud 85dB signal
• Tested at every stage of the manufacturing process (5 in total)