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Why Sentinel Smoke and Heat Alarms?

Quite simply, because it’s the best fire alarm system on the market.

Bold claim, we know but we wouldn’t make it unless we believed it. You see, Sentinel Smoke and Heat detectors solve the issues presented by the smoke and heat alarms that came before it – the very same devices which you probably have in your home now. By and large, a fire alarm will fail because of one of three reasons:

  • The battery has expired.
  • The fire alarm has been fitted incorrectly
  • It’s located too far away from the fire

With a Sentinel fire alarm system,
this simply won’t happen.

  • Our alarms come with a 10-year Lithium Battery and a low battery warning so you’ll know exactly when it needs to be changed.

  • Our fire alarms are also completely wireless, connecting to the other smoke and heat detectors in the circuit via radio frequency instead. This will make fitting them a breeze.

  • Sentinel Smoke and Heat alarms can operate as a part of a circuit, you’ll never miss the signs of a fire breaking out in any part of your house.

  • When you buy a Sentinel fire alarm system, you can rest assured that you’ve just protected your family for years to come.