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How to install fire alarm system?

You’ll find the Sentinel Wireless Smoke and Heat alarm system is a breeze to install. It’s powered by a Lithium battery which is guaranteed to last for 10 years. What’s more, both our Smoke Alarm and Heat Alarm are completely wireless so you’ve no need to mess around with installing additional wires. In fact, it’s so simple to install, it will take you less than 10 minutes to get the job done. So how do you fit the Sentinel Wireless Smoke and Heat alarm system? Follow these step-by-step instructions or watch this video for help.

Step by Step…

  • First check that there is no electrical wiring or pipe work near where you want to install the alarms.

  • Next, take the mounting bracket and with a pen, mark the two mounting holes on the surface where you want you alarm to be.

  • Drill holes in the marked positions then insert the wall plugs into the holes.

  • Then, being careful not to over tighten, secure the mounting base using the screws supplied.

  • If you’re installing your smoke or heat alarm as a port of a circuit, set the dip switch to the same position on all interconnected units.

  • Fix the detector to the mounting plate, aligning the plate’s two projections with the two keyhole slots in the detector.

  • Activate the alarm by aligning the marks at the side of the bracket and the alarm unit.

  • Turn the alarm unit clockwise until the snap lock engages.