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Updated Landlord requirements for England & Wales

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- Published 15th May 2023

The latest landlord fire alarm requirements for England and Wales, as of September 2021, are summarized as follows:

  1. Smoke Alarms: Landlords are required to install smoke alarms on each floor of a rented property. These alarms must be in proper working condition at the start of each tenancy. Additionally, if the property has solid fuel-burning appliances (e.g., wood-burning stoves, coal fires), carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in the same room as the appliance.
  2. Interlinked Alarms: Where there are multiple alarms installed within a property, they should be interconnected. This means that if one alarm detects smoke or fire, all the interconnected alarms will sound to provide early warning and prompt evacuation.
  3. Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Landlords are responsible for installing carbon monoxide alarms in properties that have solid fuel-burning appliances. These alarms must be functioning properly at the beginning of each tenancy.
  4. Testing and Maintenance: Landlords must ensure that all fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are tested and in good working order at the start of each tenancy. It is recommended to regularly check and test alarms throughout the tenancy and address any maintenance issues promptly.
  5. Specific Requirements: Additional requirements may apply based on the property's specific characteristics, such as houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) or selective licensing schemes. Landlords should consult the relevant local authority or regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with any specific regulations that apply to their property.

It's important to note that fire safety regulations may be subject to change, and it is advisable to consult the latest guidance and regulations from the appropriate authorities, such as the local fire and rescue service or housing regulatory bodies, to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date requirements for landlord fire alarms in England and Wales.